You Don't Have To Plan For Life's Hardest Changes Alone

Let us assist with life planning and help you achieve peace of mind and calm.
How We Help You

In a time of life’s blindsides, personal loss, or losing your administrative companion, we are ready to step in. We can assist with administrative tasks, bookkeeping, bill payment, account monitoring, and executing last bequests. We can prepare basic wills and living trusts, and prepare basic updates for wills and living trusts already in force.


We offer services like transition planning, succession planning, estate planning, probate avoidance, and financial planning. If you are facing the challenges of downsizing or asset liquidation, we can help with that, too. We have experience with Long Term Care policies and understand their language.


We are problem solvers and stress busters. If you will tell us what is bothering you, we will find the right answer to your need. 

Bookkeeping & Bill Paying
Financial Planning
Basic Estate Planning
Wills & Living Trusts
Downsizing & Organizing
Liquidation Of Assets

Who We Are

Welcome to Green Pastures Financial!
We are Susan and Norman Green and are passionate about helping seniors and their families avoid feeling overwhelmed and anxious through life's changes. It is our goal to come along beside and assist with life planning and help to enable peace of mind and calm.
Norman's professional background draws from thirty-five years of finance/accounting experience, audited financial reporting, income and sales tax experience, and back-office experience including accounts payable, accounts receivable, stock administration, payroll, and human resources.
"The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters. He refreshes my soul."Psalm 23


Maxie & Fran
From Texas
My husband, Maxie, of 62 years, passed away last August, 2016. My world completely changed. Maxie had paid all the bills and took care of everything. I appreciated all that he did for me, but, felt lost and overwhelmed with the responsibilities after he passed away. Susan and Norman took care of all the bills immediately. They contacted the hospitals and dealt with the Maxie's pending payments and made arrangements. They lowered my phone plan bill and my cable bill. They helped save money where they could. Norman filed my taxes. I have updated my will and made all my wishes known. Now that they have a plan in place that manages those things in my life that overwhelm me, I have such peace of mind. If I have a need or a question of any kind, they are here to help me. They are kind, loving and care so much. I highly recommend their services!
From New Mexico
I would also like to speak on behalf of my sister, Sue Ives, who passed away in March of 2016. While she was ill, Susan and Norman helped her "get her house in order". Sue had savings bonds from the 70's that would have died with her. The bonds were changed to digital bonds and funded directly to her bank account. Sue also shared important information about her retirement accounts, bank accounts and the special items she had worked for all of her life. She made her wishes known and protected her assets. In the end, her assets went directly to her designated family members and to her church. No probate was needed. Her assets were not tied up in the courts or left to the decision of the state. Sue was proud and private. She was overwhelmed with making decisions. We are thankful for those that lovingly helped her! I recommend Green Pastures Financial Resources to everyone I know!

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